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In a world that is increasingly complex, impersonal, and high-tech,Peter Ferber finds himself intrigued with the simple, timeless and more comprehensible things that often go unnoticed. Having grown up spending all his summers in Wolfeboro, Peter is drawn to the rural New Hampshire landscape as inspiration for his paintings--the sparkling serenity in the play of evening light across the lake, the simple purity of a white clapboard barn in the snow, the warm patina of a weathered boathouse are refreshing to his heart.

He has been working as a full-time professional artist since graduating from Principia College in 1976, and approaches each new piece with a desire to try something new. He developed an appreciation for strong design and composition at college in daily painting and drawing excursions, including a ten week painting trip to Europe. Attention to detail and precise control of the medium was honed through years of work producing architectural renderings for historic restoration projects. He paints in watercolors, oils, and most recently in acrylics.

Peter has done the poster for the New England Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society for the past nine years. His illustrations have appeared in national magazines as well as in books. He has exhibited in many shows throughout New England and the Midwest, and has had more than 40 reproductions made of his work.

Beyond the appeal of the scenes themselves, he hopes that his work will stir an awareness of the value of preserving the character and history of this rich landscape we all enjoy.